Things You Need to Know About Aged Care

Aged care is an important topic that affects many people in Australia. As the population ages, the demand for aged care services is increasing. Whether you are an older Australian or you have a loved one who needs care, it is important to understand the basics of aged care. This article covers some of the key things you need to know. 

Types of Aged Care

There are several types of aged care services available in Australia, including:

  1. Residential aged care: This is for older people who require 24-hour care and assistance with daily activities.
  2. Home care: This is for older people who want to stay in their own homes but require assistance with daily tasks.
  3. Respite care: This provides short-term care for older people to give their carers a break.
  4. Palliative care: This is for older people as they approach the end of their life and require specialised care.

Funding for Aged Care

Aged care services in Australia are partly funded by the government. The amount of funding a person receives depends on their financial situation and the type of care they require. The government also provides subsidies to aged care providers to help with the cost of care.

Assessment for Aged Care

Before a person can receive aged care services, they need to undergo an assessment to determine their care needs. The assessment is conducted by an assessment service. The assessment takes into account the person's physical and mental health, any medical conditions, and ability to carry out daily tasks.

Cost of Aged Care

The cost of aged care varies depending on the type of care and the person's financial situation. The Australian government provides subsidies to help with the cost of care, but some costs may still need to be paid by the person or their family. The Department of Health has a website that provides information on the cost of aged care and the subsidies available.

Choosing an Aged Care Provider

Choosing an aged care provider can be a difficult decision. It is important to research different providers and visit their facilities to determine which one is the best fit for you or your loved one. The Department of Health has a website that provides information on aged care providers, including their accreditation status and reviews from other people who have used their services.


Understanding the types of care available, the funding options and the assessment process can help you or your loved one receive the best care possible. If you have any questions about aged care, contact a provider today.