Why Move to a Co-Located Retirement Village?

If you're thinking about moving to a retirement village, then you need to decide which type of village suits you best. While some people buy property in a regular resort community model, some villages offer more services to help people with current or future care needs.

For example, some people move into co-located villages. How are these communities different? Why should you consider moving into one?

What Is a Co-Located Retirement Village?

Regular retirement villages typically provide living space for older people who want all the benefits of independent living in a community of similarly-aged people. A co-located village works on the same principle. However, these villages also contain some kind of nursing home on the site.

The majority of people in the community live in their own homes within the village. The nursing home looks after people who can no longer live independently or who need a lot of medical care. These people might have originally lived in the village community. Or they might have simply picked the home without having any prior connections to the village.

What Are the Advantages of Co-Located Retirement Villages?

If you live in a retirement community, then you usually live in your own home and look after yourself. Some villages also offer a few care services. You might not need these services when you first move into a village; however, they could be useful later.

However, you might worry about what will happen as you get older or if you get too ill to live on your own. Regular in-home care and nursing services might not be enough to enable you to continue living independently. At some point, you might need to move into a nursing home.

You might also be concerned if you are a married couple looking to move into a retirement community. For example, you might not know how things would work if one of you had to move into a nursing home in the future.

A co-located village could solve these problems. If you find that you can no longer live independently, then you could apply for a place in the village's nursing home. You won't have to move out of the village, and your friends would be close enough to visit easily.

Plus, if you or your spouse had to move into the home, then the other would also be close at hand. You wouldn't feel as separated if you were both living on the same site.

To find out more, contact co-located retirement living communities near you.