Two misconceptions about retirement living facilities

Below are a couple of the biggest misconceptions about retirement living facilities that far too many retirees believe. The residents of these facilities have no privacy People who have never visited retirement living communities often believe that those who reside in these places have very little privacy. Some of them imagine it to be laid out like a hospital ward, where residents stay in rooms that any of the staff can wander into whenever they want.

Retirement Living in the Age of COVID-19: 4 Things to Consider

If you are planning to move into a retirement home, you will no doubt want to do everything you can to ensure that you are not at risk of contracting COVID-19 or other illnesses. This article will explore some of the infection control measures you should look out for when choosing a retirement home. Read on to find out everything you need to know. Cleaning rota When viewing the retirement community, you should ask the member of staff about how often the building is cleaned.